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Anisa Jomha is a Canadian YouTube streamer. She was a gamer. Mostly, she used to play games like League of Legend, Hearthstone, etc. to gain followers. Though she is 27 years old, she still looks like a teenager. Also, she had pretty good followers on Twitch. She used to stream her gameplay on Twitch. But due to the breaking of rules, she got banned from Twitch for some time.

Starting a carrier as a YouTuber is not an easy task. Moreover, there are thousands of gamers all over the world. But instead of such a huge competition, she manages to gain a good number of followers in this field that too in less amount of time.

It is not that Anisa Jomha does not have any other talent but she choose to become a social media influencer. Influencing people requires a great number of efforts and guts. Because you may have to speak against a particular community. Moreover, people may get angry with your thoughts unknowingly.

Nowadays she is more active on YouTube. She has a good number of followers on YouTube as well. She manages to earn these followers in a short period. Anisa targets her followers not only by making creative content but also by showing off her body. Because of this tricky move, she is known by the name “boobie streamer”.

While doing all this exciting stuff she manages to maintain her goodwill on social media. Anisa jomha confesses that she doesn’t want to expose her body for gaining followers. Instead, she wants to work hard to create amazing content.

How Good Anisa is at streaming?

It is important to note that influencers should not be biased. Their opinion should not be in favor of a particular side. Giving a balance but true opinion is an important task for the influencers.

By mistake, if you speak some unreal things then you should have the courage to admit your mistake. Otherwise, your community will get wrong information through your channel. This simple mistake may cause serious damage to your goodwill.

Anisa Jomha has no worries about admitting her mistakes. Instead of committing such mistakes, she tries to involve her followers. After listening to the overall perspectives and ideas she comes to the final decision.

Moreover, Anisa Jomha never hesitates to mark mean comments from the chatters. At the same time, she never forgets to appreciate more meaningful comments from the followers. This is a pretty good and realistic approach for carrying forwarding any meeting.

Because of such a nice approach Anisa Jomha able to gain a good number of followers in a very short period. In addition to that people enjoys a female speaker when she shares her thoughts about some serious aspect.

Anisa Jomha has a good sense of humor as well as she is very outspoken. Her instant reaction attracts many followers. Many times people criticize her. But instated of getting offended she answers them sarcastically. Additionally, she tries to maintain a good environment around her channel, while streaming.

Anisa Joham believes that many times people comment just to spread negativity or sometimes to disturb your flow. But you should always remember one thing that you should stick to your ethics. People should not have the right to decide the direction of your streaming. It is always been controlled by the streamer and not the follower.

Anisa Jomha personality

It is always been controlled by the streamer and not the follower.

She is not only streaming games but also discuss the different subjects on YouTube. Anisa Jomha more potently speaks about controversial topics. She is very much confident while speaking about these topics.

Anisa believes that everyone has freedom of speech. People should not be afraid before giving their opinion. If some have a problem then one must be able to describe it confidently. Once speak confusion can be corrected. But we should have the courage to outspoken it.

People in the community not only love her talks but also appreciate her for such outspoken abilities. Although some people hate her, she does not get bothered about them. Anisa Jomha loves when people appreciate her for her talent and creativity. Inspired by all these people she is improving her day by day.

Nowadays Anisa jomha is getting more popular because of her new photoshoot. Anisa is now entering into the modeling field. She decided to sell her nude to the popular company website. Thus she is now get paid for her photoshoot. Along with live streaming, she is increasing her field of area. Moreover, she doesn’t want to remain as a boobie streamer.

Anisa Jomha used to post her workout activities and exercises on social media. She is lifting good amounts of weight to give the best shot of her for the photoshoot. Moreover, she has a naturally good shape of the body. Anisa Jomha is pretty clear about her goals. She knows that to become a good model she needs to be conscious of her lifestyle.

Anisa Jomha relationship

She became more famous in 2016. When she known to date popular YouTuber Ian Carter. He is a popular YouTuber and comedian with a channel name iDubbbzTV. Anisa and Ian first meet in 2011 when they were shooting for their YouTube channel. Since then they were in contact with each other. Moreover, her boyfriend has no issues that she is joining the adult site.

Anisa Jomha’s boyfriend helps her a lot to improve on social media. We can say that she makes a perfect choice for her to get popular and improvise in a short period. Because you should know that Ian Carter has more than 7 million followers.

Anisa has a net worth of 3 lack dollars until 2020. She earns money from advertisements, brand endorsements, creating paid content on YouTube. She also gets sponsorship for making videos and promoting brands.

Anisa Jomha family background

Anisa belongs to an Islamic family. Her father was Islamic. Her mother was Catholic but converted to Islam after marriage. Anisa doesn’t believe in any specific religion. She thinks that all religions should be equally treated. Moreover, she doesn’t want to follow a particular religion. Instead, she wants to live free, enthusiastic life.

The Father of Anisa passed away because of the deadly disease Alzheimer. She was not even aware of her father from 2019. In one of her videos, she requested her followers to find her father.

Anisa loves to play games. She was on her school team and wants to become a professional ice hockey player. But things won’t get right and she decided to join the studio art profession as a carrier.

Anisa Jomha Personal Detail

Age27 years old (as of 2021)
Height5’55” (165cm)
BirthdayJune 25, 1993
Net Worth300,000 $
Father’s name
Mother’s nameMaureen Jomha
Zodiac signCancer
Place of birthEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
EducationGraduate in Studio Art
SchoolHarry Ainaly High school
Marital statusUnmarried
BoyfriendIan Carter
Active onInstagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook


Who is Anisa Jomha?

Anisa is a creative content uploader and lives game streamer. She is the girlfriend of popular YouTuber Ian Carter. He has over 7 million subscribers on his channels. Recently Anisa revealed she is shooting nude pic for a famous website.

How old is Anisa Jomha?

Anisa jomha’s age is 27 years. Her date of birth is 25th June 1993. She still looks like a teenager and has a natural glow on her face. The credit for this beauty may go to the clean and green nature of Canada. Moreover, she works hard in the gym so that her glow will remain constant.

Why Anisa Jomha Promote my OnlyFans on twitch?

Anisa Jomha promotes her only fans to get paid regularly. Twitch is a platform that supports Patreon. Patreon means creators get paid for their content a fixed amount of money. A fixed amount of money is getting deducted from people’s accounts for every video. How much money do people want to pay is completely their choice.

iDubbbz girlfriend & Anisa relation?

Basically, iDubbbz is the name of the YouTube channel. This channel has been run by Ian Carter. Anisa and Ian meet each other for the first time when they were shooting for their channel in 2011.

Ian is known for his comedy content on YouTube. He is a popular comedian and in a relationship with podcaster and streamer Anisa jomha. This coupe is in a relationship since 2016. There were many rumors about the breakup of Anisa and Ian. But note that these are all rumors.

Did Anisa jomha breakup with Ian?

As Anisa and Ian are in a relationship since 2016, people are always curious about their relationship status. Moreover, when they have different perspectives on the same things, people criticize them a lot. But it is important to note that Anisa’s break up has no base. They are living a happy life right from the start.

Why Anisa Jomha left Islam?

In one of her videos, Anisa told why she left Islam. According to her many of her friends deny following friendship with her. The reason being she was following Islam.

More importantly, she is not against any religion or faith. Also, she has no issues with Islamic culture. Before answering this question it is important to clear these things. Because one may misunderstand her opinion and may start criticizing. So please do not judge her by just reading the above sentence.

Instead of following Islam blindly, Anisa prefers to follow some of the good thoughts of Islam. She regularly prays and does fasting during Ramadan. She is not only following all that good stuff but also feeling blissfully for a stable life.

All the opinions and thoughts in this video completely belong to her. Moreover, she believes that every person should respect other person’s opinions and accept them at their level.

Further, she refuses to follow Islam at the age of 16. It was the hardest thing for her to decide of. Her father did not agree with her decision. He was trying to convince Anisa Jomha for a long time to follow Islam but did not get convinced.

Is Anisa Jomha living a happy life after leaving Islam?

Obviously, Anisa is living happily. According to her, it is important in life to question everything. When you live purposefully you live a better life. You understand things more clearly. You will not remain biased to any silly thing. Moreover, things will remain as it is as they are.

More importantly, she is feeling more free and comfortable after leaving Islam. According to her, everyone should have their own choices as an individual. No one should force to follow fundamental things. We should listen to the thing but we should do them the way we wanted.

Moreover, she thinks that you should able to differentiate between facts and myths. You cannot put your faith in things blindly. You should learn from the things and accept them when having the proofs. No matter what your parents think you can question their faiths as well.

In addition to that, she asks her followers to investigate their feelings.

You should be aware of your feelings. If not then you cannot able to make the right choices for yourself as an independent individual.

Of course, all these thoughts are the personal opinions of Anisa. She is a social media influencer. Surely if you want to achieve higher goals then you should have deep faith in the superpower of nature. Otherwise, you will not able to cope up with stress levels.

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