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I know, you love the music to listen in a loop. In this article, you will find out all the easiest ways for YouTube repeat so that you can put your favorite YouTube videos on loop.

YouTube allows you to watch videos on repeat through their website, but there is no way to repeat a video on the mobile app. So how to put YouTube videos on repeat?

Well, there are different ways to YouTube loop through free mobile apps, extensions, and third-party services.

How to put a YouTube video on repeat on your desktop

Loop YouTube Video Desktop
The easiest options available on the web to loop a video within the YouTube website. You can put a video on repeat just by right-clicking on your favorite video and select the “Loop” option from the drop-down menu.

The video will play in a loop until you stop it. Again right-click on the video and select loop to turn off auto replay for the same video.

How to Repeat a video within YouTube App

YouTube loop option is not available on the YouTube mobile app, but fortunately, the mobile app only allows you to loop playlist. Here are the steps to create a playlist for iPhone and Android users.

Step 1. Open YouTube mobile app on your phone and find your video to put on repeat.

Step 2. Tap on the video, and you will see the playlist icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Once you tap on the icon, it will ask you to create a playlist or save the video to an existing one. Click on “+ NEW PLAYLIST” blue text to create a new playlist.

Step 4. Name it and click the “CREATE” button. Also, change the privacy settings.

Step 5. Now go to your playlist or tap on the Library tab on the bottom right corner of the app.

Step 6. Tap on the playlist and play the video. Now you will see the playlist name in the dark bar below the video. Tap on the drop-down arrow icon on the right side.

Step 7. Now tap on the repeat icon and Enjoy!

Learn more about how to create a YouTube playlist and add or remove videos.

How to Repeat a video on iPhone & Android without installing YouTube App

There is one more trick, which is also the easiest way to loop music without installing the YouTube mobile app. You can loop videos by using a web browser on your smartphone. Here are the simple steps:

01. Open the Chrome browser in your mobile phone, type the, and press the enter key. The browser redirects you to the URL “” (mobile version website).

02. Once the mobile version is open, go to the browser menu and tap on the “Desktop site” checkbox at the bottom of the menu. The website will open exactly as you open on a computer.

03. Now search your favorite video and play it. Once the video starts playing, tap long press on the video to open the menu. Pick the “Loop” option from the drop-down list.

A similar process that you use to loop videos on your computer.

How to Play YouTube Video Continuously in Mac

YouTube Repeat Video Mac
Elmedia Player simply turns your Mac into a YouTube looper. Elmedia is a video player and YouTube downloader that helps you find, stream, replay, and download content from within the app. With this player, you can also play and loop your video content offline.

Here are the steps to repeat YouTube videos in Elmedia player:

  • 1. Open Elmedia Player
  • 2. Drag-and-Drop video or audio files or use the in-app URL finder
  • 3. Tap the circular arrow button to loop the YouTube video endlessly.

Download Elmedia Player

Repeat YouTube Videos using 3rd Party Services

Another way to loop YouTube is to use third-party services or online tools. You can watch YouTube videos over and over again without pressing the replay button. You can use these sites on any platform like Computer, Linux, Mac, Chromebook, Android, Tablet, iPhone or iPad, and Smart TV.

Listen On Repeat

Listen on Repeat is the world’s #1 YouTube Looper. You can search for a video through this site. This site is best for those who are addicted to listening on repeat.

URL Editing Steps:
Go to the YouTube website and play your video. You will see the video URL on the browser.
Change the video URL

and press enter.

When you hit the Enter, you will be redirected to the ListenOnRepeat website, and video start playing. Your video will play in a loop until it is closed. or YouTube Loop

It is a web tool that plays YouTube videos without pressing the replay button. This tool easily loops YouTube videos and listen to music without any interruption. You can also select a particular part to loop or a full video.

Copy and paste the YouTube video URL or video ID or Playlist URL in the input box and press the infinite blue button.

URL Editing Steps:

  • 1. Search for your favorite video and change the video URL by replacing the letter “t” by the letter “x” and press the enter. For example:

Desktop version:

Mobile version:

Web Browser Extensions for auto replay YouTube music

I have seen many people took the internet asking, does YouTube have a repeat button?

The answer is… Yes! There is a repeat button in the form of extensions.

YouTube Repeat Button – Firefox

YouTube Repeat Button Firefox
With the help of this extension, you will get a repeat button to the YouTube player. Simply hit on the repeat button to put a video in the loop. The white button color means the extension is active.

Download Extension

Simple YouTube Repeater – Firefox

Simple Youtube Repeater Firefox Extension
Hit the repeat button, and the video will automatically start to play again when it ends. This extension works both with the newest HTML5 Player and the old flash player.

Download Extension

Looper for YouTube – Chrome

Looper for YouTube Chrome Extension
Auto replays the videos with one-click, and you can customize the features such as auto-loop toggle, loop count settings, and loop portion.

Download Extension

YouTube Repeater – Chrome

YouTube Repeater Chrome Extension
Simply adds a button to YouTube player to toggle auto-repeat.

Download Extension


People are much interested in listening to music or watching videos on repeat that is why plenty of resources and online tools are available on the web.

I use the ProRepeat app to loop for instructional videos to watch a specific part of the video. Also, using to watch videos without any interruptions and advertisements. And some time to listen to my favorite music continuously.

Please let me know in the comment below which one is your favorite way to YouTube loop.

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