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If you haven’t a lot of subscriber on your channel, you can’t get the views of a lot fast. So, for increasing your views, you have to know, Where to share YouTube videos to get more views.

I am always trying to share Youtubing Knowledge from this blog. So, in this blog, I’m gonna telling with you about 5 best video link sharing website. If you share your video these websites or method, hope you will get increasable benefit in short.

So, let’s know first which website/method I’ve shared with you.

Let’s know which methods and Where to share YouTube videos to get more views

If you want to work for AdSense or affiliation, you know how important to increase views. So don’t afraid to follow this method. Although you seem now its short timetable, it will give you more benefit in short and for longtime. So guys follow these ways carefully and apply for your YouTube videos.


Pinterest is the trending platform for social marketing. To Pinterest, I like to say “King of Social Marketing platform”. Cause you can’t get traffic/lead/views from other social sites like Pinterest. And it will very fast, compared with Google SEO.

So, you can get a lot of views from Pinterest, and it easy. Cause you can directly embed your video into Pinterest Pin. And although it’s a social site, it works like a search engine. A lot of USA women’s like to search on Pinterest. So before publishing pin research your keyword. Search in Youtube by “Pinterest Marketing” you will find a ton of videos about Pinterest Keyword research or Marketing guideline.

If your target USA female guys, you can just working on Pinterest.


Reddit is one of the best forum/community for getting a ton of USA traffic/views. So, many marketers like to just Reddit marketing for promoting their products or videos.

If your target is for USA views, you won’t get any such as platform like Reddit. So, you can just try Reddit. But, Reddit marketing isn’t so easy for a beginner. So you have to learn Reddit marketing strategy. So search youtube for learning Reddit marketing you will get advance technique from there.


When the coming name of Quora just wow. Cause personally I like Quora for promoting my website link or Videos. Quora is a great answer question for getting a lot of traffic instantly. Search on Quora for Your video-related question, then input answer with your video link.

Some Tips for Quora Link Sharing:

  • Don’t share Video link before 1000 profile views (2-3 days need).
  • Don’t over 3-4 link in a day.
  • Use personal profile name.
  • Don’t put the link in every answer.
  • Try to submit answer which question has a lot of followers.


Now Facebook isn’t just a photo-sharing social site. Facebook are allow video sharing like YouTube. Also, you can earn from Facebook with Facebook creator partnership. So, upload your video intro on Your Facebook page and put the original YouTube video link.

For group, sharing find your video related group and share with them. On Facebook, Video is reaching much-compared photo or another post. So Facebook is an excellent platform for growing your new channel.

Embed others website (Outreach)

This is an advance technique for you that is a little difficulty. But it’s an excellent method for unlimited views. But before trying this method, ensure your video quality. If your video quality is best from compared with other videos, you can do it quickly.

First find out your video related 4-5 keywords, which have a lot of search volume. Search on Google this keyword. Then see which website’s page is ranked in top 5 or 10 results. Collect these website contact information.

And knock them and said that: ( I have created a great video content that has matched with your article. You can embed this video into your article. It will help your traffic, and it will reduce your bounce rate. So, if you will add this video, you will get more benefit for SEO. )

That’s means convince them for adding your video into their article. This way, you will get a ton of organic traffic from Google.

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